My Vision for CSD

I am a man

who stands against the mountain

and thinks of pebbles

Frank T. Rios

     This site is young, but it won’t always be young.  My vision for coffeeshopdaily is for it to be a community blog for writers.  I want to read what other writers have to say about writing, about the business of writing, the craft, the joy, the life of a writer.  And I want to provide the same for other writers – aspiring, published, even hobby-writers.  Starting out, this will take a while and may even seem presumptuous until we have a number of contributors and articles going, and a steady flow of material.  Building a community resource takes time – more time, even, than building a normal, resourceful blog.  That’s time I’m willing to spend.

Ultimately, the best way to learn how to write is to just write.  But that doesn’t mean reading what talented, intelligent, and in some cases successful writers have to say about writing isn’t helpful!  Indeed, I’ve learned so much that has helped me from the blogs of both famous and non-famous writers.

If you’re interested in writing a post for coffeeshopdaily, see the “How to Write for CSD” page.

Michael Traven


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