How to Write for CSD

If you’re interested in writing for CSD, there are a few things you should know.

–  I’m very particular about quality.  Even if you’re my best friend and I’ve known you since we were flying around in knapsacks carried by fat, white storks, if your post isn’t something I enjoyed reading, I’m not going to accept it for publication on the site.  Think of coffeeshopdaily like a magazine that you thought up an article for, and decided to submit.

–  If I don’t publish your article, you’re free to publish it elsewhere.  However, I do ask that if you publish an article with CSD, you refrain from posting it elsewhere.  If I find it posted elsewhere, I will remove it from CSD.  It’s not a matter of ego, but I do want CSD content to be exclusive to CSD, and I don’t like the thought of CSD being an afterthought.  Think of CSD like my child.  If you’re dating my child and your own child, not only is that incestuous and weird, but it also kind of makes my child look like an idiot.

–  That said, I’m more than happy to hear ideas or receive proposals from anyone.  See below for contact details.

–  If you want to create a post on CSD and you’ve never posted here before, email me your proposed post (see below for contact details).  If I like your idea and/or your style, you will need to create an account on, or supply me with the email address for an existing account you own.  I will then make you a contributor, and you will be able to draft posts which I will then approve for publication.

–  There is a chance that your post will need some work, and if I decide to go that way with you, please don’t take offense.  I’m not going to rewrite your post, as I know how irritating that is.  I will provide feedback and once you’ve revised, unless further editing is needed, I will approve the post according to my schedule.

–  On the note of editing, I will correct spelling errors and the like, however please attempt to do this yourself beforehand.  If an article, however good, is laced with errors, I will ask that you correct it yourself before submitting.

–  Please be succinct, clear and on-point.  I don’t mind small diversions – I make them myself very often – but if a post rambles more than even my posts are known for… well, the editing process could be a long one.

–  Don’t worry too much about formatting and the like.  When I go to approve your post, I will format it according to the post style of the site.

–  Once you’ve been made a contributor, and you are working on an article, you can include images by Googling them and dragging-and-dropping them onto the page.  See above point about formatting: I will fix formatting errors, regarding text and/or photos, so don’t feel like you have to spend an hour trying to figure out how to get it to look just right.  I’ll spend that hour regardless, so why waste two hours, eh?

–  Regarding images, please use images that look photographic and/or filmic.  That is, professional.  Not pictures of LOLcats or whatnot.  Take a look at the other posts to get an idea of what to use – also, try to find images that tie into the post somehow.  And please don’t use images with text on them, including a watermark or copyright.

– Regular contributors will be listed on the “Contributors” page.

–  If you have an idea for a series of articles, please email me (see below for contact details) and we’ll work out a schedule and an outline – yes, I’d like you to have an outline.

–  Topics:  Anything writing related is a viable topic, including writing, publishing, self-publishing, books, poetry, filmmaking and/or screenwriting, etc.  If you’re already a contributor and you’re not sure about a post, email me.


Thanks very much!

Michael Traven


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