–  Michael Traven is a writer and filmmaker, born and raised in the mid-west, and currently living in West LA.  He is “hard” at work on two or three novels, and is producing a feature film slated for production later this year.  In his spare time, he runs coffeeshopdaily and watches lots of movies and television.

Blog:  coffeeshopdaily

Twitter:  Michael Traven’s Twitter

–  Aubrey Hansen is an author and screenwriter that once in awhile takes a stab at poetry.  In between script assignments she’s busy preparing to self-publish her first novel, Red Rain.  She blogs about writing with snarky verbosity .

Blog:  Aubrey Hansen

Twitter:  Aubrey Hansen’s Twitter

–  Dan DeWitt has been writing fiction for what seems like forever, and he’s picked up at least a few useful tips that he’d like to share. He’s published a handful of short stories online; all but one of the ezines are defunct, and he’s trying to not take that personally. He has recently completed a short-story collection Underneath, which will be published in June. In July, his full-length zombie thriller Orpheus will hit the shelves. After that, he hopes to be much, much busier.

Blog:  Dan DeWitt Fiction

Twitter:  Dan DeWitt’s Twitter

Alexis A. Hunter is a freelance writer, specializing in short stories and flash fiction.  A lifelong fan of the Fantasy genre, she has a passion for all things mythical, ethereal and out of this world.  Alexis made her debut as a published author with her short story The Devil’s Sport, found in the How the West Was Wicked anthology by Pill Hill Press.  She currently resides in Charleston, West Virginia with her husband, Bo, and cat Ripley.

Blog:  I Dream Again

Twitter:  Alexis Hunter’s Twitter


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