Establishing a beachhead.

     Some of you may have noticed (or not), this morning I deleted the coffeeshopdaily Twitter account.  This isn’t defeat — despite my earlier post about the topic — this is strategy.  Okay, that might be a little dramatic.  But somewhat sincere, I suppose.  I thought about it for several hours this morning, while showering and Googling random crap (not simultaneously…), and it’s hard to establish a presence online.  Even harder to establish two.

     So if I do wind up establishing a presence online, I realized I want that presence to be personal — not some PR account for a community blog, interesting though that may be.  Quite frequently, when I follow someone on Twitter, I do so because they have a personal account, one in which they talk about their lives and give updates about their dogs and other boring things that I find interesting to keep up with.  Obviously, I don’t just want updates about the dogs; I follow authors and publishers and agents who have something valuable to offer.  They post tidbits of info, or they link to their blog posts or other blog posts or articles they find interesting that I check out and often find interesting myself.

     As I’m beginning to follow more and more people on Twitter and focus more of my energy there instead of Facebook and Other Drugs, I don’t want to do so as a blog, I want to do so as me, John Michael Traven.  This is all rather pointless exposition, but I wanted to clear up why the coffeeshopdaily Twitter account is now renamed and deactivated.  If you want to mention the site, feel free to use the hashtag–>  #coffeeshopdaily.  However, as that’s a bit long, feel free to not mention it at all!

     Thanks for reading what is probably my second most boring post, and if you’re hungry and tired and dang it all, you just want to follow something!, feel free to follow me on Twitter–>  @MichaelTraven.

Michael Traven