In the Form



In the form of lipstick on my neck

of blond hair on my shirt


In the form of words I should have kept

of words I should have learned

In the form of beer still on my breath

of ways I could have swerved



In the form of ink put on my chest

of violence, hate and blood


In the form of men I’ve laid to rest

of tears and prison mud

In the form of days I’ve eaten dust

of times I’ve prayed to god



In the form of chains I finally left

of aching hearts that yearned


In the form of words she always kept

of words I never earned

In the form of love that starts again

of lessons finally learned


Michael Traven


To Just Remain

I can hear the angel dying,
as she sings her awful tune
Somewhere higher than this mountain,
there’s a god I’m climbing to

And he’s staring at the angel,
and he tries to mourn for her
But he can’t because the devil
ground up all his tears to burn

And I curse him as I clamber
higher up the mountain fold
If I reach him, I will kill him
for the angel’s life he stole

And the whisper of the winter
coming down on me like rain
As I climb, I climb forever,
still I climb to just remain

But I know that somewhere yonder,
I’ll find o’er this mountain top
A higher slope and there I’ll falter,
and the angel’s song won’t stop

Michael Traven

For Against That Mountain

See his footsteps fading

where he made them

Strange beneath

the thund’ring din

There is stranger triumph

gained in trying

His steely gaze

a fight to lose

For against that mountain

he had a purpose

To fall in glory

and in failing win

His name will never

be remembered

But by that thing

he never moved.

Michael Traven, 2011