Coffee Shop Daily is a site for writers and for readers who like to read what writers have to write about writing.  The site was begun May 24, 2011 at about 3 am by Michael Traven, after several cups of coffee and at least seven bathroom breaks.

I (Michael Traven) am first and foremost a writer and filmmaker, but I also consider myself a part-time genius, mighty god of old, and avid moviegoer.  When not pretending to write while actually surfing the internet and coming up with jokes for my Academy Award acceptance speech, I also enjoy walking, playing guitar, talking to myself in public places, listening to all sorts of awesome music and reading and writing about writing.  I would like to someday be the man that would be born if Stanley Kubrick and Cormac McCarthy were able to procreate.

While often vulgar in person, I try very hard to censor myself in the presence of prudent company.  I love God, and often walk between two and eight miles a day to talk with him.  Unfortunately, God seems to be the only person I don’t listen to.

My favorite movie is The Godfather and my favorite novel is The Road.  My favorite cable program is Mad Men.  My favorite quotes all have too many naughty words in them, so you’ll have to suffice with something I said myself.

“God makes it easy to love him; the devil makes it hard to prove.”


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