Hmm, I think I’ll write a novel.

     I realized something today.  One night last week or maybe before, I went on a writing binge.  Over the night, about 6-8 hours, I spent 4h and 12m writing.  During that 4:12, I wrote exactly 5,114 words (I keep a very specific writing journal).  It averages out to 1,200 words per hour (I almost wrote minute, ha!).

     And I thought at the time, “Hey, that means if I actually wrote full-time, y’know 8 hours a day, I could have my novel done in less than a week.”  But then I thought “Hmm, yeah that would be interesting,” and proceeded to munch down mini-raviolis and drink lots of coffee while simultaneously trying to fall asleep.

     And then today, as I was writing, I kept about the same pace.  I’m writing from an outline, so it shouldn’t be too hard to keep that pace, or at least something close to it (like 900-1k words/hour).  This coming Thursday, June 16 — about 4 days from now — I go in for orientation at my new job.  After that, I start training, and then Lawd only knows when I’ll have time to write again.  So today I decided… while I have all this free time yet, I’m going to finish my novel.  It’s not going to be 90,000 words, probably about 45k at most, if that.  It could wind up being a novella, in which case I’ll go in and add “and” and “but” and “yet” and “however” and “Hello, this is the writer speaking – I want to boost the word count, so please ignore this sentence” before every sentence.

     So starting from 8,227 words, I’ve got, let’s see…  exactly 96 hours to finish my novel.  Giving 10 hours of sleep per day, and 4 hours of other activities, such as posting here, that makes 10 hours of writing a day, so 40 hours.  If I can manage 800 words min. per hour, that will be 32,000 words, which should get me to the end of my novel.  If I’m crazy and don’t do anything but write… well, who knows.  But I think I need to stop using “…” so much…

     One last thing-  Please don’t make fun of me if I completely bomb this self-inflicted challenge.  I’m shooting high and it’s really quite absurd to think a slacker like me would ever accomplish something like this, but don’t be racist.  Slackers can surprise you if you let them.  And… honestly, it’s kind of hard not to be surprised when I actually do something I say I’m going to do.


4 thoughts on “Hmm, I think I’ll write a novel.

  1. *cough* *cough* 10 hours of sleep!? Cut that down by at least 5 and you will have even more time on your hands ;) But seriously, just go for it! Put on some tunes and write away.

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