To Just Remain

I can hear the angel dying,
as she sings her awful tune
Somewhere higher than this mountain,
there’s a god I’m climbing to

And he’s staring at the angel,
and he tries to mourn for her
But he can’t because the devil
ground up all his tears to burn

And I curse him as I clamber
higher up the mountain fold
If I reach him, I will kill him
for the angel’s life he stole

And the whisper of the winter
coming down on me like rain
As I climb, I climb forever,
still I climb to just remain

But I know that somewhere yonder,
I’ll find o’er this mountain top
A higher slope and there I’ll falter,
and the angel’s song won’t stop

Michael Traven


One thought on “To Just Remain

  1. I am delighted to know you’ll be posting your personal works here as well. I’ve only had the honor of reading your poetry a few times, and each time the abstract power has been awe-inspiring. Do write more!

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